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Hot money fried cotton spinning garment industry exports were a fatal blow

Due to the sharp rise of raw materials represented by cotton, Chinese textile and garment enterprises became the "warriors" at the 108th Canton Fair, generally raising prices by about 30%, accompanied by a decrease in the number of buyers and export orders.

Ministry of Commerce, foreign trade department of commercial counsellor Wen Zhongliang yesterday in the Canton fair closing news conference, points out that the current textile and clothing export enterprises the cost of pressure, situation is special, countries have to focus on the problems facing the industry, is to take measures to maintain the stable development of the textile and garment industry, increase the intensity of macroeconomic regulation and control of cotton.

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At the beginning of this year, the domestic spot price of standard cotton was about 15,000 yuan/ton, and rose to about 18,000 yuan/ton in September.

"Recently it has climbed to about 30,000 yuan/ton, and even some enterprises report that high-grade cotton has risen to 40,000 yuan/ton." Wen zhongliang analyzed, "There are several reasons for the high cotton price. On the one hand, There is a gap in China's cotton demand. In view of the failure of the domestic cotton harvest, the Ministry of Commerce took measures to increase the import of cotton at the beginning of the year, but it did not expect that the output of major cotton producing countries in the world is also decreasing. On the other hand, there is hot money on cotton speculation, money from real estate withdrawal and bets on the appreciation of the yuan and foreign money together to drive up cotton prices."

Wen Zhongliang also talked about China's export enterprises are two suffer indignities, a slow recovery is the international market demand, buyers are worried that China's manufacturing prices affect domestic sales, on the other side is the domestic raw materials and labor costs rise, and the exchange rate and the factors such as energy saving and emission reduction, it is difficult to such as "revenge" growth this year of next year.

Cotton prices in a short span of more than a month almost rose ten thousand yuan per ton, so the rapid rise in price, in addition to about 4 million tons of cotton gap this internal cause and the external cause there must be a lot of capital in, it has a great power on the export of Chinese textile and garment, cost tolerance has to the limit, if not raise prices, simply can't afford.

Many textile and garment export enterprises generally believe that the cotton price is difficult to be significantly reduced in the short term, and even do not rule out the possibility of continued rise, so the attitude of raising prices at the Canton Fair is very firm, rather than give up orders to make concessions in the price, and have adopted other ways to absorb the cost pressure.

Hangzhou light craft cotton textiles import and export co., LTD. Department manager Lin Yan an interview with our reporter said that the increase in export orders by 30% in the Canton fair many customers can't accept it, and there are some customers to transfer orders to southeast Asia, the purchasing amount reduced, export orders for next year is unclear, but not to raise prices, cotton prices are likely to rise next year.

Cotton price of a one day, guangzhou mai European clothing limited company President Zhou Jinsong also encountered confusion, but he gradually grope for out deal with method, by hiring designers to strengthen fashion design in Paris, this exhibition is popular in Europe and the latest styles, all clothing catches the eye of European and American customers in the Canton fair, the relative success. "The price of one piece is more than 20 dollars, which is at least 40% higher than the general OEM brand clothes, but it is still 50% cheaper than the local clothes made in Europe and the United States, and customers are willing to accept it." "Design adds value," Mr. Zhou said. "Work on details, like adding a belt to a garment, adds 30 percent to the price."

Zhu Mingyi, deputy general manager of Guangdong Province Silk Textile Group, said that the company's raw material costs have risen by 20% to 30% this year, including a 95% increase in cotton, because of stable cooperation with some big customers, orders and profits can maintain stable growth, the company is also expanding its own brand sales.

Shen Quanfang, deputy general manager of Shanghai Xinlian Textile Import & Export Co., LTD., said the company has responded to rising cotton prices by developing new materials and products, which can save about 9,000 yuan per ton.

Liu Jianjun, Canton Fair spokesman, said that in recent years, enterprises have been increasing investment in brand cultivation and design innovation, and generally attach importance to product research and development and the concept of green environmental protection, and the momentum of transformation from OEM to ODM is obvious. This year, the bargaining power of enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, independent brands and independent marketing was significantly enhanced, and the transaction of branded products was better than that of general commodities.想了解更多电力电子器件研发制造、封装测试和应用销售的高新技术,请持续关注江苏索力德普半导体科技有限公司
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