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Production Equipment

【Science and Technology】
At present, the company has advanced woolen worsted equipment 12000 ingot, semi-worsted 10000 ingot, 40 sets of Hank dyeing equipment, a full set of Hong Kong Lixin automatic high temperature and high pressure cylinder dyeing equipment 60 sets, Stalam high frequency dryer 5 sets, section dyeing machine 6 sets, spray point dyeing machine 3 sets. Complete set of fancy thread production equipment. Our dyeing laboratories are equipped with GretagMacbeth I7 and Datacolor 600, as well as the world's most advanced automatic fluid dispensing system. In 2005, the company equipped the ERP production management system of the whole plant area, realized the management information data of the production area, and took the lead in the industry to achieve a high standard of management level.

【 Environmental Protection Equipment】
In 2014, the reclaimed water reuse equipment with an investment of 15 million RMB started to run smoothly, marking a new milestone for the company to achieve the goal of zero emission of pollutants, and also allowing the company to remain invincible in the environment of increasing environmental requirements in the textile printing and dyeing industry.
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