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【History 】

Wuxi Shilead Spinning Science & Technology Co., Ltd (a.k.a Wuxi Xialida Dyeing Co., Ltd) which was established in 1992. It specializes in production, sales, import and export trade of yarns, with a floor area of over 60,000 square meters, a total investment of 160 million RMB and annual sales revenue of over 500 million RMB. After over twenty years of development, the company has gradually developed to a professional enterprise that has a variety of yarn production lines, including cone dyeing, hank dyeing, fancy space dyeing, worsted yarn, semi-worsted yarn, fancy yarn, etc. The company’s headquarters are located at Wuxi Ecological Park in Wuxi a famous cultural city in South China known as "Pearl of Taihu Lake". Besides, it also has a branch company in Shanghai and offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Bangladesh.

【Belief 】

Shilead' s concept is "benefit from all sides and make the world better". Shilead has focused on knitting yarns for over 20 years. The company consistently puts the environmental protection first, insist the guideline and concept of sustainable environment development which ensures the harmony between people and environment.We put in a large amount of fund on research and development in order to solve the difficult problem in the industry - how to reduce or even eliminate pollutants released to the environment in the dyeing process.

【Product Development 】

Shilead’s OEM produces various specifications of colorful yarns for knitting. It mainly deals with hair, rabbit hair, alpaca, mohair, hemp, cotton, acrylic fibers, nylon, modal, tencel, bamboo fiber and pure yarns of various specifications, blended top-dyed yarns and fancy yarns consisting of various materials, as well as yarns of various types of dyeing and space dyeing. The annual production capacity is more than 10,000 tons. Besides,we can also make quick responses to the samples offered by clients and improve the right frist-time rate of samples developed. Nevertheless, our company is equipped with an independent ODM development team that has a powerful and fast R&D ability, which allows us to always follow the international trend and develop various new products proactively, presenting over 300 types of new products to our clients every season.

【Innovation Center】

In 2016, the new integrated office building is officially put into use, which is equipped with multi-functional e-classrooms, reading rooms and audio-visual labs for employees’learning, resting and entertainment. The sample development center is also equipped with completely imported Shima Seki computer and the whole package of pressing equipment, which perfects the final state of the samples. the testing lab is equipped with a constant-temperature & constant-humidity environmental system and complete yarn testing system. Over a thousand samples that represent the latest fashion concepts are exhibited in the exhibition hall throughout the year.


For over twenty years, Shilead has been upholding the sustainable operational concept of "Morality and Honesty, Service and Earnest ". Utilizing the most advanced equipment, techniques and high-tech means, it establishes a systematic quality management system in accordance with international quality standards and the latest environmental protection guidelines. Looking into the future, we will act as always, give play to our advantages, make constant progress and keep up with the market, thereby serving all our clients better and making joint achievements!